Saturday, April 28, 2007

(im)polite society

Polite and mannerly imply consideration for others and the adherence to conventional social standards of good behavior - errrrrr yeah... and i'm against it!
in order to make my point i'll just describe this really frustrating thing that happened today (and happens quite a lot especially when older people are involved).
i was just about to live and this lady says to me 'would you like some cake?'
i sayz: 'no,thank you. i gotta go'
'are you sure?' she insists
'yes,i really have to go' i smile politely and rage inside myself because i just hate this kind of things
i look at it and think: 'great, this fukin' looks horrible but i'm obliged to eat it because otherwise i would look disrespectful. fukin' stupid society!'... it's not like a want to be considered a polite person just that people are so stupid that they feel offended when you refuse their stupid cakes, when you do not want to stay for dinner, when you do not 'talk' with their 2 months old baby and shit like that. why do they have do feel offended by unoffensive shit like this?! it totally lack's logic. it's so damn stupid. and i hate myself for alwayz doing this polite crap AGAINST MY WILL. in the end where is the fuckin consideration for the others when these rules of politeness make you do things agaist your will and eat bad cakes that make you feel sick?
and that woman waz so fuckin proud of her stupid awful cake! geez! 'i bring you cake' she said, her voice full with admiration for her work that you would of thought that instead of 'cake' she said 'mona lisa' or something!

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