Saturday, April 14, 2007

them bastards!

i just wanted to wear my tartan bermuda shorts.but nooooooo! it ''wouldn't have been proper'' for a park going out with the mates. so i went and changed into something ''normal''.i go and take some yellow pants, put on a stripes t-shirt, some white shoes on which i wrote with a black marker things like 'disobey'... '2+2=5'...'creep'...' i'm gonna buy a gun and start a war'...hippie stuff :P put my leather jaket on too cuz it's not that hot and the cap on one year - and only now i looked normal. i looked so normal that the all the other normal people in the park were staring at me while i passed them by.
yeah. just ask me to go and change my outfit with a more normal one. JUST DO IT!
my friend said i looked like a 'weirdo&unusual'. which is hmmm just a little part of the whole. the deal is that i was looking totally un-a-fuckin-tractive. maybe a bit crazy...and quite dangerous at least that is what 'a normal' average person would have thought - it was written allover their stupid faces:P
in this fuckin circumstances a fuckin guy in the bus was like fuckin looking at me like some horny animal. and he was fuckin' making obscene gestures that only i could see because he was like in front of me and only i could see them. and the bastard had the guts to look me straight in the eyes in an inquiring way something like 'you look like you do yeah?' thank the all mighty spaghetti monster that the fukin jerk got off before i did. i wonder, had i been wearing a skirt how would things have gone??!?!?!?!?!?!?

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thieffa said...

Fiend...fustaaaaa!We gotta buy, girl!They're "Absolutely gotta have it!!!"