Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It’s not like I don’t like the type of music you listen to – it’s just that... it aint’ music.don’t know how you can call that dancing. I do the same when I’m waiting in the bus station – swinging my legs .when I went to that stupid prom (waste of time and waste of money,could’ve been better without it that’s for sure) I was swinging my legs just because I was utterly bored not because ‘the music’ was stirring me in any way. That would’ve been impossible.

Now, tudor chirila singing something about a father killing a pig with a knife and and shit about god and parliament... now that sux! So fuck it .last ‘official’ fun I have in school.we waited for parazitii to make a show, but either they suck live or it was just the sound system of that shit of a club (maxx) where people at the bar treat you like vermin and ignore you minutes till they take your order although there’s no one else! so fuck that!

Just waste of fuckin time.i’ve lost two laboratories I had the next they. And for what?! Ahhh,anddd a a fuckin manelar asked for my phone number... MY PHONE NUMBER! Why would a manelar need my number? This simply puzzled me... ah,looks like there is still a bit of mistery in this much too concrete world...

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