Tuesday, July 31, 2007

zambetul tau nu e ca zambetul meu

ce bine ca nu putem sa ne auzim gandurile unii altora ...

Monday, July 30, 2007



viata e scurta iar el nu regreta trecutul si nici nu viseaza la viitor. prezentul e totul pentru el.

i believe in miracles

ascult dead kennedys ca sa-mi aduc aminte de mare.
mi-am pastrat nisip in tenesi ca sa-mi aduca aminte de mare.
nu-mi mai spal un timp tricoul cu ramones ca sa-mi aduca aminte de mare.
azi am purtat tricoul cu ramones ca sa-mi aduca aminte de mare. era doar purtat,nu murdar.
stau prin casa in costum de baie ca sa-mi aduca aminte de mare.
nu ma mai despart de lantisorul cu A de la Anarchy ca sa-m i aduca aminte de mare.

****** ***************************** ******** ********** **

that's just me. one crazy punk ass kid with some really bad brain. but i don't care.

the loser

so i'm the loser?
don't really think so. but as you wish, i can reconsider the matter. but that won't make you happier

punk punk

cand m-am intors ieri de la mare tot drumul m-am simtit mai mult decat un punk. m-am simtit ca un punk punk, adica punk in ambele sensuri ale cuvantului. i needed a shower, was full sand, phoneless, i lost or got my sid vicious badge stolen again and was in deep need of sleep. well,train is like hell these days but no more than hoem is. ... 'home' cica inseamna the place in which one's domestic affections are centered sau any place of residence or refuge. hehe, home is no refuge for me - i need to get refuge from 'home'. but fuck that! i'm really considering the homeless status right now cuz i don't think it can get any worse. death is not such a tragic perspective after all. we are all gonna die sooner or later. and sooner is better cuz it means you're younger than later and thus you're not a stinkin old person. old people suck, one way or the other. they lack principles that's for sure. the older you get the more you lose your principles and honesty and dignity - cuz where's the self-respect when you're a sick bastard - sick body, sick mind?! there's none. so die young, no regrets no complains about your health and shit. but before you die don't forget to live to the full.

drink drank

banging my head against the walls
feels just like getting drunk
mixed some zuzu with some stejar
feels just like getting drunk
banging my head against the walls
feels better than anything else
bang my head against the wall
punishment for YOUR freakin soul
banged my head once more
another thousand brain cell dead -
not that i care.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

sea side

finally! we're going to the sea side together! we're gonna be one freaky group: 3 fiends, one gay and an insect obsessed doomster - imagine that!!! kinda hard to imagine, but that's us! of course , we only take the one and a half men with us to carry our bags and shit. i'm kiddin'. or not. anywayz,regardless of the boys, we're gonna get like sooo drunk! it's our dream since little kids to be 3 drunk fiends lying on the shore surrounded by lots of empty bottles of booze after dancing like mad the whole night. we're all,so looking forward for this trip. yesterday, we were drinking for this in jack after we went and bought our train tickets.can't wait. it's a day and 5 hours away...
it's gonna be one hell of a trip! it has to!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

something hot/fresh

attention please, i bring to you the blog of a musician philosopher http://nothingtodowithwhatyouthink.blogspot.com/2007/07/pains-of-sleep_17.html he signs as Hermine Dirt (that's obviously related to a novel called Steppenwolf).
maybe i used too fancy words: philosopher, that thing in german and all, but just read his blog. you probably won't understand what's in there BUT what is there to understand? nothing! so read it, wash a little of that brainwash of yours,listen to his songs (they're on the site too) and well, enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i was at this concert yesterday. really cool one.derrrrrr! the bands did their job pretty well. of course, the one i really fuckin liked most was la plebe. oi,oi, to la plebe! i think their show was the best, with the trumpets and all that.

the thing is, i was alone at a concert, and this didn't quite happened in the last 2 years. but it was pretty fun on my on. i saw some guys i knew, met some others. well, there was this really friendly dude i was talking and well after strike anywhere we got mixed in the crowd and afterwards i couldn't find him.don't know why he left so early, though i have a hunch... and i really,really feel sorry for this 'cause i so fuckin wanted to see the guy again! we said we'll meet again and talk , but how do that now when i don't have no adress,no phone number. damn! stupid me. it would've been so cool if he'd stayed for the after-concert dancing. those dances were so bloody good.i danced like a maniac. kind of acted like a maniac the whole time... this kind of night was just what i needed! fun,fun,fun. and a pack full of cigarettes - but that's just the bad part, don't know how i fuckin managed to smoke it all in just a few hours. i'm not even a fuckin smoker.
anywhay, George,if you read this, though you most probably won't, leave a comment and we'll see each other again.
*if he doesn't read this, i bet we'll meet at the NOFX concert anyway.haha!

this is beyond dumb

deci ieri s-a intamplat o chestie pe cat de incredibila pe atat de ciudata/stupida. 3 oameni astptau in aceeasi statie ca ceilalti sa vina. numai ca oamenii astia se asteptau intre ei. si s-au asteptat vreo ora. si nu s-au intalnit. eu si un prieten asteptam o prietena (ea n-are mobil,si poate ca asta a fost un factor foarte important in toata povestea), iar ea evident, ne astepta pe noi.eram in aceeasi statie,despartiti de un chiosc de ziare si poate de o alta dimensiune ca altfel nu-mi explic. cand am vorbit la telefon dupa toata faza fiecare tipa la celalalt 'bah,nu erai acolo si te-am asteptat aproape o ora' - 'ba nu! eu te-am asteptat aproape o ora si nu erai acolo'.
in alta ordine de idei cred ca am fi candidatii ideali pentru a intra in cartea recordurilor la categoria 'dumbest motherfuckers ever'. bineinteles cu stricta referire la faza asta, pentru ca in rest noi suntem foarte inteligenti.mai ales eu. ma rog, poate mai ales iulia ca are iq-ul mai mare,cica.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a long way down

i'm reading this awesome book about four sucidals. it's called 'A long way down' and it's written by this guy Nick Hornby. first this kind of reading is not what i would call 'literature', but then again, it seems to myself they kind of stopped making that a while ago ... it's human, though, not symphatetic - they way the book is written, i mean. it's like the cruel bitting reallity that everyone is facing and needs no more symphaty than you and me need cuz it's like there's always some kind of shit out there for each and every single one of us. it's a mundane situation.
suicide itself is kind of mundane.or at least should. i mean, this Maureen charecter, who is the mother of a 20 years old veggetable son, her life was a complite waste of tiem. she never had fun and then she ended up with a vegetable son on top of that all. all she had was curch! geez, ain't that totally fucked up?! and it's like at a point in the book she realises that she 'liked to think about Cosmic Tony (an invention) much more than she liked thinking about god' - and she was like 120% christian. it like church was her only comfort. and church was punishment. so her comfort was punishment. ain't that what anyone needs when they're felling down? punishment! for fuck's sake, how can people become crestini without not being total cretini?!huh?!
anyway,christianism wasn't the point here...
it's how JJ put it at the beginning. 'suicide wasn't invented for people like that'.suicide is somehow 'kewl'. ken? as he said it's something guys like Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath and Kurt Cobain (although he didn't!) do.' you know, people with sensitive nature'. that is people we kind of look up to - the irony!
the deal is that so many people live their lives basically because nothing killed them yet. they don't live for something - they just don't die, it's quite simple. but is so dumb. just consider things this way: most of the people are chronically unhappy or chronically living shitty lives. and it's like what's the point? they sould all comit sucide and put an end to their misery. it's not cowardly to do it when you know for sure there's nothing for you out there. i mean that thing with 'do nature a favour: kill yourself!' is not just a phrase, it's pretty damn reasonable.
think about what people do to nature, to the poor animals, and on top of it all they're not even happy!(how could they when they're destroying the basis of their own life on this planet...but that's a different matter already...blah) selfish bastards that we are! - destroying everything around us for our selfish NEEDS, more like UNNECESARY WANTS, and gaining nothing than stress,polution, plastic, food that contains basically the same shit that our detergents and shampoo are.straight face.
this was supposed to be about suicide. somehow it all comes to the polution these days. the cause must be this bloody unnatural temperatures.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bad Religion - Broken

i can't win look at the trouble i'm in

Saturday, July 07, 2007


i just don't wanna die old. i wanna die young. old people give me the chills. i'm serious, i look at them, pity them - i see myself as old.
it's just pointless. why live when you're old? no fun - if you ask me. old, pains allover your body, you're ugly no matter what, your mind is going to the fish - what the fuck?! arrgh. yeah...
emmm, except for the concerts and the drinking i just don't see anything worth living for. i mean, it's so, so pointless, nothing really ther. the reason for living? there's no such thing! - except for those who think that bringing more brats onto this planet is a good thing :

a dying wish

it's not like i wish to die... it's just that i;m tired of all this hell. it's... honestly i've done nothing wrong, i didn't even chose to be here. if you would've asked me i would've said 'no', 'no,i don't wanna get born'. what for?! there's no reason to get born at all. no reason at all.what for,dude? you can't ever trust no one. not even yourself. can't relly on anybody, anybody whatsoever. it's fucked-up, but this is how it really is - FUCKED UP.
or maybe it's just me. the ever-most-unlucky-person! yeah. a real jinx.
this is not emo. nothing like it. emo is shit for those who can't fell a thing - not even pain - and they need to fake pain too. i just don't need to fake a thing. it's already here. maybe it always has. but i was pawerful enought to ignore it, to pass it by.i will probably always be powerful enopugh to get over this shit... BUT i'm not made of stone. it still hurts. it always will. fucked up. pure mess.chaos.
they bet i won't amount to nothing. and,well... i'm just tired to disagree. fuck'em. let it be the way they want it. will it make them happy?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


look what last fm wiki says about Rise Against:'Some members of Rise Against are straight edge and all are vegetarian. ' all right, the part with being vegetarians won my admiration BUT being 'straight edge'?! that's so, so... un-punk,oh my brothers! it was a shock.

oblivious,my dear

i know it sounds stupid, but sometimes i just can't stop thinking that the most awful shit always happens to me. it's not that i wanna complain about it just that... it's bad for my mmmm... image (laughing). i mean, these kind of things shouldn't happen to ME! it's like in that old vama veche song 'aicea nu e de mine!... eu sunt un delicat.' this is not me playin' the 'motherfuckin' princess', it's me being much too open about private shit... arrh, the point of writing this is to emphasize the power of oblivion. there's people who say 'i forgive, but i don't forget'. well, for me it's the other way round. i forget but i don't fukin' forgive! might sound contradictory, but it's not. i couldn't survive without forgetting. and the good thing is that i always forget the bad happenings. and i don't even do it on purpose. it's instinct. survival instinct.keeps my mind sane.what would be the point of keeping in mind all that junk?
i said i don't forgive. and i don't. though, at the same time, i can't hate. it's just beyond my powers to hate. and i've bloody good reasons to hate a lot of people who behaved like bastards towards me with no reason whatsoever, people who should've been there for me BUT WEREN'T; people who did a lot of nasty shit to me. but i just can't hate. all i can do is despise them, hold them in
everlasting contempt. and they could never get out of this state once they got there. from a buddhist point of this is a better way of managing things: no harmful charge of my karma =))
rrr,yeah. Tragic with a capital t. But i'm moving on. always moving on.