Thursday, July 12, 2007

i was at this concert yesterday. really cool one.derrrrrr! the bands did their job pretty well. of course, the one i really fuckin liked most was la plebe. oi,oi, to la plebe! i think their show was the best, with the trumpets and all that.

the thing is, i was alone at a concert, and this didn't quite happened in the last 2 years. but it was pretty fun on my on. i saw some guys i knew, met some others. well, there was this really friendly dude i was talking and well after strike anywhere we got mixed in the crowd and afterwards i couldn't find him.don't know why he left so early, though i have a hunch... and i really,really feel sorry for this 'cause i so fuckin wanted to see the guy again! we said we'll meet again and talk , but how do that now when i don't have no adress,no phone number. damn! stupid me. it would've been so cool if he'd stayed for the after-concert dancing. those dances were so bloody good.i danced like a maniac. kind of acted like a maniac the whole time... this kind of night was just what i needed! fun,fun,fun. and a pack full of cigarettes - but that's just the bad part, don't know how i fuckin managed to smoke it all in just a few hours. i'm not even a fuckin smoker.
anywhay, George,if you read this, though you most probably won't, leave a comment and we'll see each other again.
*if he doesn't read this, i bet we'll meet at the NOFX concert anyway.haha!

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