Saturday, July 07, 2007

a dying wish

it's not like i wish to die... it's just that i;m tired of all this hell. it's... honestly i've done nothing wrong, i didn't even chose to be here. if you would've asked me i would've said 'no', 'no,i don't wanna get born'. what for?! there's no reason to get born at all. no reason at all.what for,dude? you can't ever trust no one. not even yourself. can't relly on anybody, anybody whatsoever. it's fucked-up, but this is how it really is - FUCKED UP.
or maybe it's just me. the ever-most-unlucky-person! yeah. a real jinx.
this is not emo. nothing like it. emo is shit for those who can't fell a thing - not even pain - and they need to fake pain too. i just don't need to fake a thing. it's already here. maybe it always has. but i was pawerful enought to ignore it, to pass it by.i will probably always be powerful enopugh to get over this shit... BUT i'm not made of stone. it still hurts. it always will. fucked up. pure mess.chaos.
they bet i won't amount to nothing. and,well... i'm just tired to disagree. fuck'em. let it be the way they want it. will it make them happy?

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