Sunday, March 29, 2009

inca un miracol

tocmai am vazut 'the paradox of choice' de Barry Schartz si nu am aflat mare lucru dar mi s-a confirmat o parere personala: ca abundenta de optiuni nu are drept consecinta libertatea. cel putin nu abundenta de optiuni in ceea ce priveste bunurile de consum si in general chestiile pe care le ofera societatea. eu vedeam lucrurile asemenator cu nenea Schartz insa ajungeam la o alta concluzie: This is indeed the greatest danger for freedom, uniformity. And in our modern society this danger comes in the shape of ‘freedom of choice’. Yes, the market offers us a wide variety of options. If you want a soda you can choose from: Pepsi: Normal, Max, Light, Twist, and Twist light, Coca-Cola: Light, Zero, Normal, Fanta (property of the Coca cola company as well):Light, Normal, Orange, Exotic and many more! It is the same world wide. This so-called ‘freedom of choice’ is nothing but a slap in the face of liberty. People easily become incapable of conceiving of diversity if they have become accustomed to its lack for a while. (nu,nu am scris in engleza de faza, e din atestatul meu de anul trecut si sta mai bine netradus).
un alt argument,diferit de cele de mai sus. intr-o abundenta de optiuni nici nu mai stii ce voiai de fapt (asta zice si nenea cand vorbeste despre faza cu blugii), si aici vorbesc din proprie experienta: cateodata merg sa-mi iau pantaloni si ma intorc cu tricouri,cateodata trebuie sa aleg o specializare care-mi palce si ma trezesc in cu totul alt pom pentru ca ma intereseaza prea multe chestii concomitent si le pot aprecia avantajele si dezavantajele le modul obiectiv dar uit ca ar trebui sa o fac la modul subiectiv...
in concluzie 'it's a miracle!man,we've got choice!''
Miraculous you call it babe You ain't seen nothing yet They've got Pepsi in the Andes Mcdonalds in Tibet Yosemite's been turned into A golf course for the Japs The Dead Sea is alive with rap Between the Tigris and Euphrates There's a leisure centre now They've got all kinds of sports They've got Bermuda shorts The had sex in Pennsylvania A Brazilian grew a tree A doctor in Manhattan Saved a dying man for free It's a miracle Another miracle By the grace of God Almighty And pressures of marketplace The human race has civilized itselfIt's a miracle We've got a warehouse of butter We've got oceans of wine We've got famine when we need it Got a designer crime We've got Mercedes We've got Porsche Ferrari and Rolls Royce We've got a choice She said meet meIn the Garden of Gethsemane my dear The Lord said Peter I can see Your house from here An honest man Finally reaped what he had sown And farmer in Ohio has just repaid a loan It's a miracle Another miracle By the grace of God Almighty And pressures of marketplace The human race has civilized itself It's a miracle We cower in our shelters With our hands over our ears Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff Runs for years and years and years An earthquake hits the theatre But the operetta lingers Then the piano lids comes down And break his fucking fingers It's a miracle

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