Wednesday, October 18, 2006


what do you do when there's nothing left to do?when there's nothing left to do for you....? you feel stupid and watch the other people being normal. they're not like you: they don't wear a freakish look, they are not dispeling while trying to socialize. then you try to do what they do but somehow it never works for you. you always end up feeling more stupid and then you put on the grim look again and think about how messed up you are. at least that's what i do.

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thieffa said...

1.Sa nu te mai prind ca scrii tampenii de genul asta...!!!
2.U r not fucked up,messed up sau ce tampenii ai mai scris tu p-acolo!
3.Be different!Being different is good!Daca te simti ca dracu',asta e din cauza celor din jur,evident,si tu zici ca vrei sa incerci sa fii ca ei???What for?