Wednesday, August 22, 2007

contemporary art is not that shitty ...

so, today i went with 3 of my friends at the contemporary art museum. i was convinced i won't like a bit of it. first floor didn't made me change my mind. D floor was empty. i very good reason for our minds to run a bit acrazy on cause of the vastity of the room and it's clinical whiteness. second floor was about communism - not a very catchy subject to us. then came the 3ed floor. it was like,yeah! finally! something worth seeing! yeah,it sure was. i only had time for the back part of it cause it was almost the closing hour. that place was sooo psychedelic! i totally loved it and it totally blew my mind. there was this carpet on the floor and a little television showing some really twisted shit. i watched it for like half a minute and i got dizzy... i told myself that i gotta come there again and sit for like 2 hours or something on that coloured carpet watch the little screen and feel like i was on drugs! yeah,that and some vodka mixed with apple juice... totally! and they have a purple room! a whole dark purple room with fluorescent light! we wore laughing at each other's teeth. it really needs an encore.

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