Wednesday, November 21, 2007

just a stranger on the bus

you know that song 'what if god was one of us'? well,i just heard it in a club and it reminded me of this thing. crowded bus,me and fiend. we were going to see a concert.this was a couple of years ago. we were being silly and laughing at anything when we see this weird old man. long beard and all. ragged cloths,a very big bagpack on his back with weird stuff in it. we were thinking 'taliban look'... well,guess what?! the guy was reading this little yellow-paged book in arabic. we were startled then we made some more jokes about the ill meanted,of course-just us being stupid kids.
soo,the traffic was really bad. and well,just 2 stops before we were supposed to get off the old man talks to us. the fun stoped,we were a bit... well...scared...thinking ''but what if he really is? ''(i know it was stupid to think that,but hey! that's what stupid kids do) the old man then took something from his backpack, it was a little bag and it contained something i've never seen since: ice sugar (zahar gheata).it looked like and fiend were quite scared and we said 'no,thanks' but it was so stupid of us.
the old man had a really kind face and asked us again saying we're not gonna see that kind of thing any soon. so we took the candy . it was the best ever. after we got off we'd've loved to have some more and we felt really bad about ourselves and our stupid prejudices. and then it hit us. the song. what if god was one of us/ just a stranger on the bus/tryin' to make his way.
i'm as atheist as one can be,but really if god does exist,well he knows arabic and gives ice sugar to stupid girls on the bus...

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