Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Buddha collapsed out of shame

what's a notebook to you? what does school mean to you? not much probably, you'd say you could live without it.but not today dear. not in the 21th century. unless you wanna take care of some goat or something similar.
for me a notebook is irrelevant,for you as well. but not for Bakat (or whatever that was) a little girl from Bamian a region in Afghanistan. she wants to go to school and learn stories. yeah,you lough at that.say 'stories',just for that?!well she was like 6, at her age you probably thought about cold fusion already,didn't ya,smart ass!

deal is,that this film really shook me. there's so many things we take for granted,things that we don't say we need because we always had them,but some people fuckin dream about those mundane things. for that little girl school was live something from a fairy tale. the film shows us a day in her life in which she tries to buy a notebook and a pen and get to school.it's a real adventure in that land of caves,cliffs,canion and aride lands. the film becomes really dramatic when the girl is cought in the war-game of some boys. the play the talibans and accuse the girl of being a sinner because she isn't supposed to be going to school.they really scare her,some start digging her a grave and the rest prepare to stone her to death. i almost got sick thinking that the stoning will actually happen.children stonning children. but they saw 'american' planes and went hiding in a cave nearby. there some other 3 girls kept in there for different 'sins'.
anyways Bakat escapes and all but in the end she is caught again by those boys.now they are Americans and accuse her and her firend Abbas of being terrorists. again the war game that the litlle girl hates. the boys changing sides amazed me because they played it so genuineley,at first i thought the wore indoctrinated with that hate.but for them it was just a game... the war game they seem to like to much,the hate game... anyway,in the end the 'americans' shoot Abbas and then run after Bakat. Abbas comes running after her too and tells her to 'die' if she wants to be free. the irony,the irony! of course i interpreted this as a metaphore that meant that some poeple aren't free until their death...

you probably wonder what's Buddha got to do with Afghanistan, well in Bamian there were these Anciant statues of the Buddha,real grand, carved in the tall cliffs that the Talibans destroyed not so many years ago.

it's funny to me that iranians depicted with such realism this cruel reality that is quite common to so many muslim countries. and at the same time it's a fuckin shame that the fuckin capitalist societies don't collapse out of shame too! just take a look at your notebooks. if they depict some glittery barbie,some god-knows what cul shit that makes it 'more that a notebook' than you should fuckin be ashamed of yourself!i know i am.

ps: how many eggs did you pay for your notebooks?


village voice said...

Where can I download the movie from?

kalashnikovworm said...

dunno. i don't you'll find it on odc. it's not that kind of movie...