Friday, June 19, 2009

i think i'm too smart for my own good

SHIT! just because you had piercings and some cuul fuck the system t-shirt don't mean you'been we're i've been. if you wear that anarchy sign like some fuckin jewlery don't mean shit to me. fuck off with that 'we need society' crap. I DON'T! we need society just because we're too comfy to take things in our hands, most people don't wanna take up responsability for fuckin up shit (it is a lot easier to say: 'oh,but it was they who fucked it!'). that shit about 'survival of the fittest' well,that's alright by me! may the better win,may the better live on.
i don't care. all i know is im fed up with fashion: the fashion of cloths and music, the fashionable modern arts, the fashionable sexual openness (what about a threesome? everyone seems to be into that...),oh and nat to forget the fashonable casualness! i've just realised,when people tell me i don't seem to be from bucharest i think it's about not beeing that 'cool+distant+casual'. i've just compared myself with my friends from bucharest: i'm not casual and i'm not distant (people from bucharest tend to do this even when they're top friendly) it's either i'm ignoring you or i'm envolved over 70%. i think that's what makes people think i'm not from here...
but i waz sayin something else at the begining... i'm tired of people telling me: 'when i waz your age i did that angy punk shit too. the piercings,the t-shirts,the shaven head' and i'm like 'yeah,whatever,fuck off! it's not about the age and the cul shit to do now,idiot!' i mean look what this cheek tells me at tnb 'uhm,do you mind if i ask you your age?' (she was lookin trendy whilst i waz looking punk: chain,old green t-shirt with a big DUMB written on it,pink hairs) when i tell her i'm 20 she back off, i say 'but why did you ask?' and she says 'well,i waz going to say that in about too years all this punk attitude - it will pass. i had my head shaved and all,i waz punk too...' the only problem iz that she was like 18... thinking that i waz 16 or something... fine by me,the age thing, but that shit about 'it will pass....' well,just because all af you 'punks' do it because it is cool or because, fuck knows, you think piercings and booze and a 'i don't care about anything' (i'm just being like anybody else) is rebel... then FUCK! YOU'RE FOOLING YOURSELF.

ps: age is nothing. i'm just as 17 as i waz 3 years ago. too bad most of you are sooooo old you' re already dead and burried. you walk a path that's been written before you've had a notion of a self.

pps: maybe i've said too much but i haven't said enough.

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thieffa said...

Zi-le tu!Arde-i, rupe-i, mananca-i prajiti!!!Rrrr, musca din ei!:))
Mi-e dor da tine!>:D<