Saturday, December 09, 2006

when the weather outside is irrelevant

firstly,i love fog.but this has nothing to do with what I'm 'bout to write,except for the fact that lately,including last night it waz freakin foggy.
so, as i was saying in za previous post, last night i went to a birthday waz nice...or something... but then came za concert, as in ZA CONCERT!!! this dudes,OLD NEWS,they are a really great blues band! deci, man, what can i say, words are speechless (don't ask, it's for no reason),they cannot describe how great it was to be there and to listen to those dudes! the vocal really impressed me with his powerful voice which literally filled the room once they've started playing. at some point,me and my fiend got up for a little dancing (sort of 'cause there wasn't any room) as others did waz a really nice atmosphere in which music and smoke floated together and the people were feelin' gooood! as for Tudor ( aka lead guitarist) he is za tata la ei - englishly speaking that means he is za godfather of zem all - and he rocks,blueses and metalses (with Tiarra).

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