Wednesday, March 21, 2007


i just got over that i think that i would die hole inspired state of mind. now i'm sure that YOU should and must die! no, it's not about the whole world...though... errr,it's about someone 'special'. special my ass. it's abouth a really pathetic human being who's only hobby is making everybody else feel miserable just because this person is a failure and can't find no better answer to this than the others.' i'm a loser,oh,but this is only your fault, you brat!' 'course it is! and yeah i'm to blame for the bombing of hiroshima and for the great plague in whatever year that was! ups,now you know! but,no. i'm not being afected by this doss blind evil creature anymore CUZ i'm o.k., you're fucked!

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thieffa said...

Haha:)) Imi place ca la labels ai pus "de pe front".Anywayz, the bloody monster is a bloody monster.And a monster's gotta do what a doss cunt monster's gotta do!But i'll always love you and i'll be there for you.Si, te rog, lasa-ma pe mine sa-i fac injectiile cu tranchilizanteeee!