Sunday, March 18, 2007

from housewives

family dinner. mother, step-father and teenage son at a very fancy table. noises like breaking glasses coming from upstairs. mother tells son to go and see that his sister, 17, will only brake her own things. the boy goes and finds his sister lying in the bathtub after trying to kill herself by using some powders and cutting her veins. she is in a terrible state. he goes back to the table and tries to tell his parents what had just happened. his mother was in the middle of a discussion with the step-dad and tells the son that it is not polite to interrupt peoples discussions. the boy sits back and resumes his dinner. after the mother finishes her discussion she asks about the girl. when the couple hears they are amazed and outraged so they run upstairs. the boy says :' don't rush! she's not trying that hard...'

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