Saturday, March 10, 2007

good news!

i was eating lunch watching some tv - which is quite rare for me- and i saw something riotous on euronews. the weird thing is the programme was in french! the first bit about the riots was in the 'no comment' section so i was like 'what are this people fighting for?' i was watching with full admiration so i answered myself: 'it don't matter, as long there's people still fightin'! ' yeah, it was that beautiful kind of riot: the young people fighting for something they believe and against something they don't want for their country, against something that is not good for our planet as a whole or mankind whatsoever. after the no comment news there came some which had explanations. so it's about bush. he went touring throughout 5 south american countries but didn't get too lucky, the people don't like him there. they don't like him anywhere!
riots took place in south american coutries. president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez was leading the protest in Buenos Aires supported by thousands of people.

'Bush is a torturer, a violator of human rights and a murderer, who does not respect United Nations resolutions, international treaties or the sovereignty of peoples, as in the case of Iraq," said Adolfo PĂ©rez Esquivel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is one of the protest organizers. "He is not welcome in Argentina, and he should be repudiated." or in shorter sentence ' gringo go home!' like Chavez put it.

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gogu speologu said...

Nu am fost in stare sa merg la protestul Anti-Bush de la Viena, cu toate ca am fost invitat :( ... i feel so bad about that.. La urmatorul mai apropiat, i`m there!!!!