Monday, June 04, 2007


''The saturation of society with "entertainment" media, as well as the rising prominence of amateur "folk" content and the means to produce it, is also diminishing the distinction between "art" and "entertainment", "reality" and "representation", and "spectator" and "actor"; suggesting large-scale misinterpretations of reality and misunderstandings of art's traditional role as cultural catalyst. Over-stimulation from images and irrelevant information and the constant bombardment by governmental and corporate propaganda and advertising also serves to paralyze a large segment of the public and encourage conformity; in front of the TV set, in the checkout line, at the polls, or in the pursuit of self-projects.''

yeah,yeah. they keep saying that bringing arts into the streets is a good thing - but that's just like bringing the filthy streets into the arts. so what's it going to be then, eh?


Buster said...

I may be wrong but I thing a good think would be washing the streets before bringing them into art, as in having art done by the masses but keeping a critical eye open (but I have no idea what that critical eye would be like) :).

kalashnikovworm said...

wash the streets,now that might be an idea =)) i was only saying that if everybody can be an artist then then art is dead. and nowdays that's how they do it, everybody is encouraged in ''their art'' no matter how bad they suck . they say it's about being ''fair'' and giving everyone a chance.