Thursday, June 28, 2007

destined for nothing

we revolt against them. against the ugliness,the filthiness,against the injustice and against what our world has become and had been from its very beginning. but why? i mean i will always stand against all this injustice, against the ignorance and pure stupidity but without this we would never have their opposites. it's a fucked up world but would i want t o live i n a perfect world? NO. the world of shinny happy people sounds like hell to me. heaven sounds like hell. because it's boring. nothing changes in heaven and in a perfect world all people are the same. you don't have beauty in a perfect world because it's everywhere. and by definition, BEAUTY IS RARE. what i'm saying is that we need contrast. we need good and evil, together. and i'm not saying we need them in equal portion.look at things this way: if you wouldn't have injustice what would you fight for? you wouldn't. the term wouldn't's so strange to me right now because i HATE all these things and this unfair world, but at the same time i realise that it would be boring otherwise. it's fuckin frustrating.

but still, things are going from worse to worse and although i share the opinion stated above i think (somehow,this came into my mind as an end to this sentence: 'i think that i would die' - a Hole song) that oh, i think that i don't like it! i mean,imperfection is fine by me, but it's like the purpose of this world is imperfection itself. it looks like fighting is a waste of time. like we're destined for nothing.

i'll try to state this short. the world is fucked up. it's better to live in a fucked up world than in a perfect little world. but what if the world is TOO FUCKED UP?!

what if there's really nothing out there? nothig worth living for?

i asked a fiend today while we where lunching:

'dude, if you see life this way why are you living still? why don't you go and trow yourself off the balcony right now?'

'because that would hurt' she answered


'the main reason' and i couldn't get anything more from her.

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thieffa said...

God, i love our fiend sometimes!=))