Tuesday, August 31, 2010

listen to ce am de zis!

sometimes parca i would sa fiu ceea ce i always rufused. ceva prezis, previzibil. someone rational, mereu acording to the planul. cineva who stie what she va face next, ce will feel apoi, what va face peste 10 years. cineva who doesn't scrie on this rainy day pe muzica lu' tom waits, in underpants si doar that, la fereastra, without the perdea on. i sunt ca this ploioasa, last zi de summer. dar ziceam something else. i always pierd sirul. la damn! oamenii zic bullshit mereu. dar mai big bullshit decat sa say ca being normal and de succes is a toughman's treaba... fo' fuck's drag! it's cel mai easy. trebe just to faci a plan and infigi la it. cabron, it's simplu ca piece of prajitura! plan si then, like ai imputit of robot, aply planul.
ce-o fi asa hard to comprehend?! not fii rational is a lot mai difficult. you never know what you will do next. cand nu are polite and fake, oamenii react very greu de spus. they nu se asteapta you to be so verde in their fata. some le place, some, cei mai most, don't. so please, please, incetati cu la merde of this gen!
being who esti is le plus difficile. sa fii what the society vrea, c'est la merde! est c'est tres facile. you like bloody primesti instructiunile since you're nascut (iar nu facut).
when you come to htink about it, dupa ce citesti asta, you wouldn't fuckin crede i waz eleva favourite of my religie teacher, would you?

voiam doar to say ca uneori even i would rather sa fiu ordonata, rational, polite, falsa, draguta, feminine uhm, you, basiclly a crappy unoriginal lovebale nobody. cuz' ce's plus facile, mon cherry!

my favourite game is to make all your preconception turn into the shit they really are.

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