Saturday, November 11, 2006

haha,this is gonna be the dumbest post i made.i'm just writing right now.just came back from da club where i waz like just sitting,drinking - and not only - with my mates.oh,i'm a bit wasted right now,but less than usually.i'm not depressed although right now i listen to something that sounds like 'The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had'.yeah,i love that song.and i just sit here doing nothing,listening to radiohead.jack was cool today...i even had some hour or something...and it was nice to wake up with more mates around.and,oh,tomorrow it's gonna be such a full always is.Sunday,bloody Sunday.but this is what i like:doing stuff,whatever it is,i hate vegetating!i hate being at 'home'.how that word means nothing to me!nothing good.bleah.boring.but as a conclusion it waz a really nice day.sure i can accept that we're going nowhere,but one last time lets go there! this would be like a motto.i think that mostly that's how my friends and i behave.they'd probably disagree,but i think this is how things are.and i like them like's better this way.donno,but wasting is sometimes better than worrying.wasting liberates whilst worrying only puts more lead on your shoulders,so,lets just waste.

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