Saturday, November 25, 2006

under something 2

drunk as fuck that's for shore... i went to da underfest 2. it must've been cool but i'm not able to bet cuz i wasn't conscient;me waz wasted!!!!! me only rememberz puking.great.greater. me sux.why drink when i just kill my self whith every single sip?! answer:' bunny faced-boy waz there.ignoring like he alwayz doz.'but i don't blame him... like there waz anything to iz too drunk.i promise meself and me fiend not do drink unirea again and not to get drunk like zis again.
once again, fiend me deeply apologiezez cuz me lame.but me never gonna be good.cum ziceau za ramones: 'now i wanna be a good boy'...respectiv a good girl...or something.
i really like sayin''or something' cuz that's not saying something precise,it's just saying something without being decisive. that's because i don't want to make affirmations.i wouldn't liek to get wrong:P

zis waz a draft and i didn change a thing before posting,pe onoarea mea de pirat!zis waz written under za influence

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thieffa said...

Z..z..z..z..z....Bai,postul asta ma face sa te iert ca te-ai manglit iar, da' pana mea, mi-ai mai promis ca nu mai faci asta.Oricum, stii ca de fiecare ma supar si de fiecare data imi trece.But for your own sake, don't do it again!Ca pierzi partile e nice sa adormi pe vreo canapea, cand poti face asta acasa, nu la concert.Ai venit la concert sa te distrezi, sa faci headbanging, sa te holbezi la bunny-faced pogooo!ca nici n-am mai apucat sa ne bagam...Pe cuvantul meu de pirat (ce nu-s) daca la bal te las sa bei.Cocalaaaaaar!!!