Monday, September 27, 2010


these past weeks have been a sort of highschool revival only that sometimes it seems more awesome whilst other times it is a lot shittier. i mean, the feeling of riotish teens and that holy friendship things is still on, but it is stronger.
so, what does growing old really mean? cuz for us it's just like being little kids on an island full of dangers and cruel situations - a place where people seem to always disappoint, betray or just mistake you for something else.
that inuendo waz a bit too long... deal is i'm waiting for Zagga, Bubu and ( especially) Veve to come back from shopping so we can start prepare a tiramisu cake and laugh like we do everytime we meet in the kitchen and smoke some's actually very cute in a way... *big shinny smile*
the only problem is i have yet another cheap shitty job and don't have time for much.
the other very awesome thing (except for friends) is that i have THEATRE! i have ART! and tomorrow i star my acting classes! hurray!!!

until then, we cook cookie! :D

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