Sunday, January 14, 2007

still not 18.f(r)iends's like totally what i know there's a song called 'she likes surprises' by soundgarden.and i DO. anyway it still takes me a long time till i get things through my dumb skull. eu chiar ma prind greu... it's like i get a smack in the face and i'm like ''okay, so that's a fist and it's in my face ....erm... that's goatta mean...erm...that it fuckin' hurts and .... that i gotta hit back or somethin'...'' that's exactly how i am!
and this is like the song of the moment... fiendsi jtiu de ce... so i bring to ya some of the lyrics from a song by some lads called The Libertines, 'music when the lights go out':

Well is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind
And to lie to you, rather than hurt you?[...]
Well I'll confess all of my sins
After several large gins
But still I'll hide from you
And hide what's inside from you.[...]
Well I no longer hear the
Music when the lights go out
Love goes cold in the shades of doubt
The strange fate in my mind is all too clear[...]
But I no longer hear the music
Oh no no no no no
And I no longer hear the music

ow and friends, but most of all fiends, thank all ya parents for bringing you into this world!

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