Friday, January 19, 2007

this is the question...

Should I drink something or should I commit suicide?
No; I am going to exist. Dammit! I am going to exist.
To ex-ist...
To ex-ist...
Give me something to drink, for I am not thirsty!

now, why is it that life, for the most of us, fits the lyrics above? some are too fuckin sober. i guess i'm one of them. why can't i be an ignorant? why can't i be somehow, in some sort of way, different from what i already am? why can't i like just 'be happy', smile and shit? hmmm, cause i just can't be what they ask of me... can't be what i ask from me... damn it! i am - but somehow i am not. or i am not i. me is not me. i'm not being myself. maybe i'm just selfless. or maybe i just need a drink.

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