Wednesday, January 31, 2007


broken dreams (not that i have any). broken heart (not that i own any). broken spirit (not that i have one). maybe this piece of writing is not about me. just that everything is fallen apart and left like that for like eternity - at least until proved different. nothing seems to happen for real. and things never improve but they so fukin get worse. yeah, that's so very emo ( i like this word, i think it's a fluffy word).
from time to time i'm all bursts of anger ... maybe you don't see it, but it's there. in my eyes. it so bloody is. the rest of time i'm normal. just bursts of sheer boredom and sometimes utter dumbness. and then the unability of not being capable of saying what i ought to say, oh, in the name of Huck O'Maley! i am not worthy. never was. never will be. i was born bad, naturally born bad ...

question(not that i expect answers but just like that) :
do all the people who were born bad end up bad?

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