Monday, February 12, 2007


there's this 'game' on lastfm called ' the corrupt a wish game' and it's a very funny thing to do when bored. the game is like this: one makes a wish and then the next one comes in grants it, but also lists the adverse side effect. so this was like maybe the funniest thing i read there. here it goes:

this is the wish i made:

'i wish i was already dead so i could know what's there, on the other side... if there's anything at all:P '

and then the answer i got:

'granted! you discover that after death a group of Nazis take your soul to a spooky place called the Concentration Camp #55643 designed by the Japanese specifically for Radiohead listeners'

ain't it criminally funny? a concentration camp specially for Radiohead listeners !!!

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thieffa said...

Duamneeeeeee....=))Cat de tare, fraticaaa!:))=))