Friday, February 09, 2007

trink, trink

so lately i've been reading. there was nottin else to be done so ah was readin. and ah finished this book on quantics and this shitcrap of a play by Blaga.but that's jus the boring part. the intriguing part is that i've finished reading these other too books. one of them i found as lame and with a very tiresome narrative - cuz nottin ever really happened there, no conflict- the other was blissful revelation, witty funny and grim. what they books have in common? er the good ol' drinking! i mean all that those motherfuckers in Hemingway's 'The sun also rises' do is drink. they go out into the city and drink from club to pub to restaurant to cafe and all that. and its quite funny how a the whole action,plot,conflict can resume to that. the other book is a grand. Trainspotting. Irvine Welsh. yeah. the characters in that book ar into drinking. yeah it's a bout the smack and all that but what do all the characters in the novel have in common? the drinking, mates! all they do is go drink.


i'm goin' to go for a go.

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