Friday, February 16, 2007

sucide note

i'm killing meself. i'm writing this just for the fun of doing it. one last one, straight into your face!
today it's goodbye, cruel world. wrong world more like. anyway, for the record, this wasn't a hard to take decision. i mean, i've always thought 'bout it, but i kept telling to myself: 'dude, try.maybe there's something out there worth livin for'. but, as some yellow bird put it: 'I twayed,and i twayed but i just couldn't find it'. so enough is enough! it's fuckin painful to live in this shitcrap of a world cuz it's ugly! and when you don't see it's ugliness it's becuz it's faking beauty which is worse than just ugly! it's sick. plus, it's booooring!
I leave you guyz/girlz. you can keep this place for yirselfs 'cuz if you choose to, you must fuckin' deserve it!
hope you'll like what i leave behind. i'm referring to the mess of course. it's bloody. and artistic. it's bloody-artistic! man, my suicide is artistic! things weren't meant like this just to quake your world and the society - i just wanna leave something behind, a capo d'opera. it's like my departing present for you, haha!

PS: cuz i alwayz liked the person, Z gets all the author's rights in this,(sorry fiend Iulia for this one) the only one who gets the permission to take pictures of my dead body. this is gonna bring Z glory. for sure. it's gonna be spectacular cuz it's the last thing i do and i'm making it unforgettable. i'm so naughty!

hasta la vista!

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