Tuesday, February 27, 2007


we're worms.we all are. some for the more, others for the less.
in the morning i watch the worming of the crowd at the grand plaza. i'm part of it myself.for like 15 minutes each school morning i worm like that trying to get free from the crowd as quick as i can. then 15 minutes in the afternoon,on the way back. it's always crowded at such hours. the rush hours.
on the way back i escape the worming into the tram. the things are different in the tram. we're no longer worms, we're sardines. packed like sardines in a crushed tin box. one must admit it is an evolution - sardines are fish, millions of years apart from worms. in the morning is backwards, sardine to worm.

...and i think about wormholes, ah, how they can supply instant transportation to some other space and time, million light years apart.such a luck to find one and travel trough it! no matter where it may lead. this is not my place, my world another would suit just as good if not for the better. plus change is always at least interesting.

anyhow, with a little first-grade math one could add up half an hour of worm life each day,that's at least 2 and a half hours each week respectively an approximation of 100 hours per year of worm life. and i didn't even count the sardine airless, spaceless but oh, so full of smell! hours... and there are many more poor souls who 'enjoy' a longer worm time than i do.
in such situations i wonder about the human. the human next to me and the human in me. where is that human at such times, in such conditions? where?

the worms are coming. the butterflies went to some other place...

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